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[meme] veronica mars season four

(This is for day thirty of my 30 Days of Veronica Mars challenge I've been doing on tumblr)

Had Veronica Mars been given a fourth season, this is how I would've liked the fourth season to have played out. In my fourth season, I'd bring back certain elements that the first two seasons have... and also, mention season three in a negative way.

Going off of how the third season ended, Keith would lose the election (though that has been confirmed by Rob Thomas). With Keith losing, this would make Vinnie Van Lowe the new sheriff of Neptune. With this, the "Lawless Neptune/Mars vs. Sheriff" element that the first two seasons - or... mostly the first season - have. In season three, it felt like Keith and Veronica were playing by the rules too much.

The season-long mystery would be that Jake Kane has been murdered and the lead suspect is Lianne Mars (general idea from this post). With Veronica's mother in such a situation, Veronica would more than likely get very invested in the mystery and want to really get to the bottom off it. This is another element that season three was missing; the mystery[/mysteries] didn't personally involve Veronica in the ways that seasons one and two did - which meant that Veronica wasn't as interested in solving the mysteries. If you ask me, this made the audience less interested in finding out the end result of the mysteries. Another thing, with Lianne in this kind of trouble, the Mars family would likely be pit against Neptune - yet again. In season three, the Mars family didn't seem to have as many enemies as before and the Mars' vs. Neptune was a recurring theme that kept the show interesting.

The season would have a recurring parental theme. Things like Mac's switched at birth storyline, Dick's daddy issues, and Wallace's dad would be brought up and dealt with. Also, something involving Lynn Echolls. I'm unsure of what that something would be but there just felt like there was a lot more to be told in terms of Lynn's "death".

And these are some dynamics I'd want to see more of:
  • Mac/Wallace
  • Wallace/Logan
  • Mac/Weevil
  • Mac/Dick
  • Logan/Keith
  • Weevil/Keith
  • Veronica/Clemmons (or really just more Clemmons)
There are other things but I don't care enough to go into too much detail, like: Piz/Veronica break-up and over the season and Veronica/Logan grow closer and eventually get back together... things like that.
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